Ballroom Dancing in Baton Rouge


                                                                         Parties Just Ahead

Ric Seeling Studio hosts public dance parties on Fridays, July 5, 12, 19,  8:00-10:00, $7/person.  

Saturday Night Ballroom offers first-Saturday dance party  July 6,  7:00-10:00.   Exhibition dances.  $10/person. Theme: Red, White & Blue. Wear your USA colors.   Active professional dance teachers admitted free.  Venue:  American Legion Post.  Next party:  Aug. 3. 

BREC hosts a tea dance on Tuesdays at BREC building on Florida and Ardenwood, 11:30 am to 3:00  pm, $5/person. 


Competitions and Showcases


Instructor Kyri Melancon leads ladies through a foxtrot pattern at the Dance Camp sponsored by

Louisiana DanceSport, January 26, at Jeffie Jean Studio in Baton Rouge. The event featured an all-day

series of lessons by 8 Louisiana instructors.  Proceeds of the event supported the 2019 Gumbo 

DanceSport Championships.